How to solve Rubik’s Cube

This page is about how to solve 3by3 Rubik’s cube using some basic moves.You can do Rubik’s cube, it is not a rocket science. This cube can solved with in 5 minutes or less. Rubik’s cube 3×3 has 6 faces with different color Cube is known by some other name also like magic cube and cube x .

Structure of Rubik’s cube

About the Rubik's Cube Structure
  • 3 by 3 or 3×3 Rubik’s cube means made up of three type of cube.That is center cube,middle corner cube and corner cube.
  • Center cube – Total 6 center cube with one face contribution to the structure it never change its position that means it adjacent center cube and opposite cube are fixed.
  • Middle corner cube– Total 12 middle corner cube with two face contribution of each to the structure, this can move during the solution of cube.
  • Corner Cube – Total 8 corner cube three face contribution to the structure, it can also moves it position.


Basic of Rubik's Cube By Anuj Tirkey
Know your position respect to Rubik’s cube for better moves
  • 1. F -Rotate front face 90 degree clockwise direction.
  • 2. F’- Rotate front face 90 degree anticlockwise .
  • 3. R- Rotate right face 90 degree clockwise direction.
  • 4. R’- Rotate right face 90 degree anticlockwise direction.
  • 5. L- Rotate left face 90 degree clockwise direction.
  • 6. L’- Rotate left face 90 degree anticlockwise direction.
  • 7. U – Rotate upper face 90 degree clockwise direction.
  • 8. U’- Rotate upper face 90 degree anticlockwise.
  • 9. AR = R+ U+ R’+ U’ more used moves.
  • 10. AL = L’+U’+L+U more used moves.
  • Practice this moves at least twice for better understanding for solving best speed cube.

Understand your position and cube face. You are seeing face of cube is front face.Face to right is right face and face to left is left face of cube. Face upward is upper face of cube.

7 Steps to solve Rubik’s cube

You can start solving from any color but I am using white color to its opposite yellow color .

  1. Daisy step- center cube color is yellow and middle corner cube should be white.
  2. White Cross – After first step white cross should complete.
  3. White face- Complete white face and first layer.
  4. Second layer-
  5. yellow cross-
  6. position of yellow corner and yellow face
  7. complete solution of cube

1# Daisy step

  • Put yellow center cube upward.
  • check all middle corner cube position which has one color white. There is three condition . First- At top white face with yellow as center cube then it is right do not disturb . Second- Second layer of cube then move it 90 degree clockwise or anticlockwise so that white face up with center cube yellow at center be care that white face arranged should not be disturb. Third-at down layer then move it 180 degree clockwise or anticlockwise to get DAISY STEPS.

2# White Cross

  • After Daisy step yellow center cube is in upward position and white center cube is in downward of Rubik’s cube.
  • Now rotate upper face clockwise or anticlockwise to match color of middle corner cube with it center cube color .When it get matched rotate it 180 degree to complete one line of white cross at downward. Do it with three remain middle corner cube to top face.
  • When you do with four middle corner of top face you will get white cross at downward.

3# Complete white face and first layer

  1. Now identify corner cubes which has one white face.
  2. There is two condition -First – corner cube at top face. Second corner cube at down face.
  3. If first condition matched then rotate upper face clockwise and place corner cube between color of two center cube on it. And apply AR or AL till its white position is correct.
  4. If second condition matched -first shift corner cube at top then repeat steps followed in 3. Finally you will complete white face and first layer.

4# Complete second layer

  • To complete this step identify the middle corner cube which do not have yellow color on it.
  • Now match the color with center cube of second layer , if color matched then see which color is in upward side and check color of adjacent center cube.
  • If color of middle corner cube upper face is matched at right of adjacent center cube then rotate upper face 90 degree clockwise then 1AR then 1AL.
  • If color of middle corner cube upper face is matched at left of adjacent center cube then rotate upper face of cube 90 degree anticlockwise the 1AL then 1AR.
  • This way you can solve second layer of cube.

5# Yellow cross

  • After completion of above steps there is two condition .
  • First condition -only center cube is yellow and four middle corner cube are other color or line of yellow i.e. yellow center cube and two middle corner cube are on line.Then hold the cube as parallel yellow line with front face. Then F+AR+F’ to get yellow cross on top.
  • Second Condition- two middle corner cube on its position and not in line . Then hold the cube as pattern of yellow cube make 90 degree to the front face. f means holding two row of front face and rotate it 90 degree clockwise. f’ means holding two row of front face and rotate 90 degree anticlockwise. Do the steps f+AR+f’ to get yellow cross.

6#Position of yellow corner cube

  • All corner cube of top has one color yellow.
  • Then check the position of corner cube . Is it between two adjacent center cube color or not? If it is matched then it is fine , otherwise swap the position to get it. There is two condition –
  • First condition -Swap in between adjacent position i.e corner cube position will be correct if it shifted to adjacent of it.And cube of that position come to it.
  • For this swapping hold corner at right position , yellow center cube upward. Then 3AR+shift 90 degree whole cube anticlockwise + 3AL.
  • Second condition – corner cube will correct if swapping between opposite corner in same layer then two times -3AR+shift 90 degree whole cube anticlockwise+3AL.

7# Complete yellow faces.

  • now check if all yellow face of corner cube is in correct position of not. If not then turn upward into downward i.e now while face at upward direction and yellow face at downward direction.
  • Now not correct position of yellow corner cube put down exactly below right side front face.Then do AR until yellow face of corner cube is in below face.
  • If previous yellow position completed now bring another corner cube which is not correct by rotating down face anticlockwise then repeat AR till not get yellow correct face.
  • This way you can complete yellow face of cube . Now move upward white face down for next move.

8# Final complete all face of Rubik’s Cube

  • In this we solve middle corner cube Rubik’s cube. Now there is two conditions
  • First condition -Right, Left, Front and Back any one from these face is completed then rotate it and make front face.After that dot it AR+AL+5AR+5AL. You can complete it in one time if not complete in first time repeat it again it will definitely complete.
  • Second condition-Right, Left, Front and Back not completed any of the face then start with any face but careful that white face should downward direction then do it AR+AL+5AR+5AL. After that one face will complete either front, left,back or right. Now completed face make it front and repeat AR+AL+5AR+5AL to completely solve the cube. !!Have nice day!!